On January 2nd, 2016 we launched The Unity Collective from our tiny apartment in Brooklyn, New York. After the launch party at Rockwood Music Hall Nathaniel and I left NYC in our 2002 station-wagon (with 263,000 miles on it) and spent 365 days touring during one of the most controversial political seasons ever seen in American History. We performed 265 shows in all 50 States collecting tens of thousands of messages of unity on The Unity Car transforming it into a mobile symbol of hope for all. 

At the conclusion of each show we invited all of our fans to sign their message of unity on The Unity Car in hopes of showing our fellow American's and the world that we are more united than divided through the power of music, community and collaboration. Our mission was and still is to cultivate radical inclusivity and unity for all people regardless of race, religion, gender, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation through sharing uplifting music with the world.

  Over the course of the year long tour "The Unity Car" became a collective mobil art piece bringing unity and peace to all. The best part is The Unity Car's legacy still lives on today because on May 28th 2017 we successfully auctioned The Unity Car off on eBay and donated 100% of the proceeds to "The Music Therapy Department" at Beacon Children Hospital (formerly known as Memorial Children's Hospital.)


We are currently working with Award Winning producer Robert Ruggeri and the brilliant team at Garage Creative Studios to share the story of The Unity Collective with the world. (coming 2019)


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