One day somewhere around August 16, 2014 I woke up and knew in my heart that it was time to create a Manifesto or in my case our Bergamesto.

So I quietly began gathering up all the quotes I had been creating, writing, and collecting over the past 10 years.

Some of the lines I pulled out were written on napkins in cafe's, inspired during long car rides on tour, and I even found on a Tattoo I once saw. You could say it is truly an American collection of thoughts, through and through. 

The only catch with writing our Bergamesto was that, "we ( myself + my husband) had to fully, equivocally believe in the meaning behind the words with my whole heart, mind, and soul". It took over 6 months to whittle down all of my ideas, my husbands ideas, writings, conversations, and so much more until it was just right. Not to much, not to little. 

I can assure you that everything you read above is apart of my living, evolving, truth ecology and this Bergamesto was a labor of love in which I am very proud of.  

Plus, I am so honored that my dear friend Jessie shared her beautiful design + calligraphy talents with us on this project, hopefully the first of many to come. Meet Jessie below. 


We are currently taking pre-orders for this poster it is being sent to the manufactures and will be on sale shortly. 

If you are interested in purchasing an original Bergamesto print please send us an email at

Shine ON //

meet the CREATives //


You would not be viewing this gorgeous poster had it not been designed + hand pained (which took over 45 hours to do) by my dear and beautiful friend Jessie Watts of East Nashville. (Love you to the moon and beyond Jessie, PS come to BKLYN soon. Miss you.)




I am the humble spirit + author behind the Bergamesto. Wishing you many sleepless nights under the stars. 



My head editor in chief happens to be my loving + encouraging husband Nathaniel Paul Hoff. (You are my inspiration and Norther Star. Thanks so much for listening to me talk relentlessly about the Bergamesto for months on end. We did it babe.)