Over the past few years, house concerts have become a regular part of our touring schedule. We have had the privilege to pack up our instruments and hit the open road bringing our music to living rooms, gallary's, hall's, patios, back yards, beaches, gardens, community centers, and more. To gain some insight into what a house show is like, check out the video above.

We will be playing house shows throughout 2016. If you're interested in hosting one, please read the following to make sure this format is, a good fit, and if so fill out the form below and hit submit.  

Notes on The Bergamot House Concert Experience.  

  • House shows are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • House Shows are private listening events.
  • We love intimate shows with our fans. If, you’re interested in The Bergamot playing your Private Event, Wedding, Sweet 16th or other event, email
  • Travel/Production fees can be covered by a guarantee of 30 + guests.
  • Please include all possible show dates. We will do our very best to accommodate your schedule, and will work with you to to find the best date possible. 

What Is A House Show?

  • A house show is simply when a homeowner (or apartment owner) agrees to host a music event (Pre-show meet and greet and a 1 hour house concert by one of their favorite bands) in which they invite their friends/family/acquaintances over for the performance. A house concert is not a house party (although we have a ton of fun), or background music for a gathering of friends, but rather it is a concert where friends gather, share food, laugh, and come together to listen to The Bergamot share stories, music, and their journey with a captive roomful of people - ultimately creating fun, lasting memories.  

Why Host A House Concert?

  • If you enjoy gatherings and creating a unique and magical experience, then hosting a house concert is for you. This is all about cultivating a community experience around great music and great people and great food with great people. 

 Who Should I Invite?

  • We ask that you guarantee attendance of at least 30 people. You can do this by inviting your friends and family members who you think are really fun people, who happen to love music, and are interested in enjoying this magical evening.  In our experience, we have had the best success when you, as our host, invite double the number of people you hope will show up to the concert. Generally, for any show, there’s is usually a 50% attendance rate. (invite 60 people)

Invite 60 People

  • Ideally, you would invite 60 people and all 60 people would show up for the house concert. We understand however, that people lead very busy lives and recommend you invite 60 friends to ensure 20-30 people come out to the house show. If you can get 20-30 committed friends and family members to come out to this magical night, then we have our-selves a real hootenanny. 
  • RSVP's are required. When a host sends out RSVP's via snail mail or e-invite they will be properly gage who will show up the night of the concert. 

 How Much Will this Cost?

  •  A house show does not cost the host anything other than a willingness to provide a nice space. It is important to note that all of the house concerts are donation-based events.
  • Within the snail mail or e-invites you send out, be sure to include, "This is a donation based concert; please come prepared to make a donation to the artist after the show."
  • We ask that you offer a few fun snacks and beverages while inviting everyone to bring their own tasty homemade snack and beverage, as well.
  • You could even do a “potlove” (e.g. a potluck before the show begins). These foster a sense of community and sharing which brings everyone together. I mean, what is better than great food and music? Additionally, we ask that there be a comfortable place for your guests to sit; whether it be on blankets, pillows, or nice chairs. It makes the whole evening so much more enjoyable when everyone is comfortable.

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