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Eating-out is super fun but it costs us hundreds and hundreds of extra dollars per month. Once we knew we were going to pursue our dream of music full time I had to become a professional snack packer and cook. In order to do this you will need to pre-plan which is HARD to do as an artist. But it will help save you hundreds of dollars each month. Click here to learn how to become a professional snack packer and cook.


Ok, this one might be hard for some, but it is crucial in saving money when pursuing your dreams. When Nathaniel and I stated touring full time in 2010 there were many nights when   venues would pay us in drinks. However, after a bit we realized that alcohol and other substances (drugs, cigarettes, ext) do not aid in us feeling good about ourselves. So we made a conscious decision to cut out all substances (alcohol, drugs, ext) We save tons of money because we do not drink or smoke. Click here to learn how to cut out substances. 



Recently, I went through our bills and fine tooth combed through them to see if we had subscriptions to services that we were not using. To my amazement we were spending over $189 dollars towards subscriptions we did not use at all. One by one I canceled our memberships and subscriptions and now I feel so relived. I can still go through and see if I missed anything but the lesson here is when you are going for your dreams you need to keep your costs at bay. Get rid of the excess clutter weather it be subscriptions or actually clutter in your house because it is holding you back from letting new opportunities from coming in to your life. 


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Greetings loves, 

Jillian here, writing to you from the road. 

Today I am going to be sharing with you a few big projects Nathaniel and I are going on during 2017. Last week we made our way in The Unity Car from Los Angeles California all the way to South Bend, Indiana then we are headed home to NYC.

Quick note before getting started: After three weeks and 5 months we are thrilled to share this exclusive live video of our song “The Bends” with you. You can watch it here.

2013 was the year we got married, started producing TONES, and sold almost all of our belongs in preparation to move to Brooklyn, NY. Notable songs that were written this year “Next to You”, “Burst Out”, “School Notes”.


2014 was the year of moving to Brooklyn and launching The Bergamot // 30K in 40 Days, where we  successfully raised 34K on Kickstarter to create our album TONES. We worked tirelessly on making the album our of dreams from NYC to Nashville. In between we toured from Austin, TX to Minneapolis and all up and down the east coast. *Notable songs that were written this year, “Remedy”, “Alive”, “Fade Away”, “Feels the Same”, “Together Unweathered”, “Grace

2015 was the year of releasing TONES, performing a homecoming concert at Notre Dame Universities DeBartolo Performing Arts Center. In October of this year Nathaniel came up with the idea of having people sign our car which turned into catapulting The Unity Collective USA documentary Kickstarter project into the world right before the new year dropped. “Remedy” debut on primetime ABC. *Notable songs that were inked this year, “Young Again”, “We Held Our Own”


2016 was the year of our 50 state Unity Collective USA Tour with the one and only Unity Car! Oh my goodness, that year was the fastest year of my life. On October 22nd, we concluded The Unity Tour a dream concert at Morris Performing Arts Center in our hometown of South Bend. Take a second and treat yourself to a few high energy live videos from that magical night. “Alive” was picked up by GoPro for there product launch. *Notable songs written this year “Periscope”, “Broken Corners”, “Roll Along”, “Grasshopper Hill”, “Cheap Words”, “Forget About Tomorrow (Remix)

2017 is the year of executing on all of the projects and dreams we created during the past two years. We are starting by fulfilling and shipping out all of the Kickstarter rewards (songs, poems, + videograms) we are also embarking on the crazy journey of editing our documentary (wish us luck). Right now Nathaniel and I are each writing books about the past year and as we write we are gearing up to release our first “live album” (Live at the Morris).


Plus, we are excited to launch a new Kickstarter this spring to create a brand new album with all of the songs we have written over the past two years while touring out on the road. Finally, it is time to part ways with an old friend, The Unity Car. After 311K miles we are gearing up to auction it off this month and donate all the proceeds to Memorial Children Hospital’s Music Therapy Department to help them keep their music therapist Cambrae Reedstrom on full time.

But if you want to know specifics, below are a few of the big projects we have happening in 2017.

Our 7 Big Projects in 2017

Fulfilling backer rewards for The Unity Collective Kickstarter Project.

Auctioning off The Unity Car for Memorial Children's Hospital Music Therapy Department.

Editing and releasing The Unity Collective 50 State Tour Documentary.

Finish writing our Books.

Edit and release Live at The Morris album. (halfway there)

Launch Kickstarter this Spring for New Album.

Finish Booking Summer/Fall Tour (perhaps a unity collective tour 2.0?)

We would love to know what you are working on during 2017? Reply to this by commenting below. 

Shine ON,

Jillian + Nathaniel

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