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singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist + activist.

Songwriter / producer 

Nathaniel Paul Hoff grew up in South Bend and resides in Brooklyn, New York with his wife Jillian Speece. In 2001 at the age of thirteen he began songwriting and performing live. By the time he was seventeen he had already taught himself how to record and produced his own album and shortly after he met Jillian Speece during his senior year of high school. Instantly they connected and began songwriting together. Nathaniel recorded and produced a album with Jillian that winter and since those day many moons have past yet Nathaniel has proven over and over that his dedication to music powerful as he continues to amaze all who behold his musical genius unfolding. Most days he can be found in his studio sipping coffee, creating poignant upbeat songs.



Since 2010, he has produced three EP's and three albums for The Bergamot and is a key component to The Bergamot’s massive touring and album success over the past six years for Nathaniel's love for music knows no bounds. In October 2015, after touring America over six times, he came up with The Unity Collective. At first The Unity Collective was just a concept then soon after it became a peace movement.  The heart of the movement is to be love and spread a message of unity and peace to all people building radical inclusivity through the power of music, community, and collaboration. The Unity Collective manifested as a 50-state tour and The Unity Car came out of the 2016 tour. Click here for more details the the amazing story of The Unity Car



singer-songwriter, synth player + activist 


Jillian Ann Speece lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband Nathaniel Paul. She grew up in South Bend and started songwriting and performing as a teenager. In 2003, during her sophomore year of high school she met Nathaniel Paul. During the early days they spent songwriting and recording albums. By 2009, in college Jillian and Nathaniel Paul co-founded The Bergamot and shortly after they wrote and recorded their first EP (Smile). Later in 2010 they embarked upon their first American tour, spanning three months and performing from coast to coast. This is where her love of touring grew. 

In 2012, The Bergamot hit international acclaim when they won the title Best Unsigned Band in America in The Bud Light Battle of the Bands contest giving them the opportunity to open up for Young The Giant, All American Rejects, and Wiz Kalifa.

Music is the lifeblood behind everything Jillian does from singing with her powerful angelic voice, to songwriting, to performing in front of thousands. At a show Jillian puts her whole being into each note and this passion translates to the fans. 

Last year The Bergamot joined their uplifting-music with their passion to bring people together culminating in their peace movement, The Unity Collective.

During 2016, Nathaniel Paul and Jillian toured to all 50 States seeking to unite and bring unity and radical inclusivity to all people regardless of race, religion, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, class, and beyond. Each day the filmed the journey and are set to release their first documentary in 2018. 

For Jillian unity is the pillar of her activism and it is joy for her to share the teachings she gathered on the road with the world. In her own words, "Reach out your hand to another being,  pause to look into there eyes and tell me we are not all connected... that we are not all one."


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drummer + percussionist 


Noah Webber lives in South Bend and is a percussionist best known for his involvement in the band The Bergamot. He has been an active touring member since 2014. Noah Webber brings an energetic, versatile and thoughtful approach to his performances.  He is the beloved rhythmic anchor of The Bergamot and has performed on many notable stages such as SXSW, Lincoln Hall in Chicago, Illinois, The Rock n' Roll Brooklyn Marathon, and at Summer Camp Music Festival. Recently, he recorded percussion to The Bergamot's new EP "Young Again" and is gearing up to tour America in 2017.